Care instructions for Shoes

How to clean my outdoor footwear?

In principle, you can start your adventures with your new VAUDE shoes without any special treatment. After a certain time or after „hard work“, your shoes need some care to remain fully functional – especially leather shoes. Here are some useful tips and tricks:



Remove the insole and laces, then remove the dirt with water and a nylon brush. Most suitable is Nikwax cleansing gel for shoes. The insole can be washed separately.


Let the shoes air dry, some old newspapers stuffed inside will help. Please do not dry in direct sunlight or close to any heat sources, otherwise the materials can quickly dry out. Natural products such as leather always contain some moisture in order to remain formable.

Rapid heating may causes the material to crack.

Waxing your leather shoes

As mentioned above, leather requires a certain degree of moisture to stay smooth. This is done by regular application of care wax. Please do not use grease or oil. Rub in the care wax with a clean towel.

We recommend Nikwax impregnation wax for leather.

Attention: Once the care wax is applied, the outer material will become slightly darker!



After waxing, impregnate the leather shoes generously.

But also shoes with a built-in, waterproof membrane should be impregnated by times to keep the full functionality. A wet, full-sucked outer material is like a barrier and significantly degrades the breathability of the membrane.

It is best to impregnate the shoes after cleaning, when they are still a bit wet. Nikwax fabric and leather impregnation are suitable for textile and leather shoes.

Nikwax care products are available from your local retailer.

As a general rule: please note all instructions printed on the care products.


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