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What does the warranty cover?

Within the legal warranty period (2 years from date of purchase) your dealer will handle all customer complaints due to:

  • material defects
  • production defects
  • workmanship defects


They will send your product in to the Returns Service Department. In the event of a complaint within your warranty period, we will endeavor to repair this article free of charge. If this isn’t possible, the product will be exchanged or replaced. If you would like to have your product returned even if it can’t be repaired, please let your dealer know.

Although the following damages are not covered by your warranty, they can often be repaired for a nominal fee.
Damage due to:

  • normal wear and tear
  • inappropriate use
  • negligence – for example not following the instructions for use
  • external influence (human, animal or force majeure)

Für welche Artikel eine zusätzliche Garantie geboten wird, finden Sie hier.

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