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Returns Procedure

Would you like to return a VAUDE product? No problem! Here you can find out how to return a product and what you need to keep in mind when returning a product.

Procedure: What do you have to do to return merchandise?

1. Clean and dry the product and attach the proof of purchase

a) Clean and dry product thoroughly

  • for hygienic reasons
  • to reduce processing time
  • in consideration of our employees

We reserve the right to return any product that has not been cleaned at your cost. NOTE: Please consider our cleaning tips. We cannot be responsible for a product’s loss of performance due to improper cleaning.

b) Mark defect on article

Help us locate the defect on the product by marking the defect with a sticker or post-it, especially on larger items such as tents.

c) Please return the item with the original receipt. This is …

  • your proof of purchase from your local retailer and/or
  • your warranty claim (two years as of date of purchase).

Otherwise you may be billed for processing. Therefore, please always retain the original proof of purchase or a copy.

2. Return it to your retailer

If you wish to return a product, please directly contact the retailer from whom you bought the product. They will provide you the information about

  • time-limits
  • possible costs
  • further steps to take

Together with the retailer, you can set up a letter that includes your processing requests for the damaged item and identifies the damaged area.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased your VAUDE product at and wish to return it, please click here for more informations.

3. From the retailer to VAUDE

We consider the possibility of repairing or replacing your article in the following order:

  • repair the product
  • replace the product
  • substitute for an equivalent model

If covered by your warranty claim, this service is free of charge. If your warranty claim has expired or the damage is due to personal negligence, we can repair the product at your request at an additional cost to you. However, you are only expected to pay if you agree with our cost estimate. You will be informed by your retailer if this is the case.

4. VAUDE handles the return

During summer months we experience significantly more repair requests. This can lead to delays in your repair, particularly in July and August. We ask you for a little patience.

NOTE: We may have questions regarding the repair of your product. Please enter a telephone number and / or e-mail address where you can be reached during the next weeks.
We reserve the right to send back items unrepaired that have been waiting for a response from you for over three weeks .

Should you have questions about the processing status please contact us via our inquiry form.

5. Return through retailer/ available for collection

You can pick up the product from your retailer or they will send it to you. Your retailer will contact you if your product is available.


Did you order your article over our online shop at

You can only place orders at “”.  You do not enter into a contract with VAUDE. Therefore, the warranty claims process is as follows:

With your order at, you will receive an invoice and a return slip.  The return slip states the dealer with whom you should make your warranty claim.

Send the defective merchandise with the return slip to the dealer named.

If you have lost the sales documents, we can retrieve the necessary information. It’s best to use our inquiry form for this.

Note: This procedure applies only to our online shop at

Warranty claims for products purchased from other online stores must be made at the store where you bought the item.

What can you do when your retailer is not close by?

If you are located far away from your retailer, then we ask you to first contact them via email or telephone.

If contacting your dealer is no longer possible, please contact the distributor that supplied this product in your country.
Please understand that in countries without a VAUDE distributor, i.e. no local service is available, our services are limited.

Would you like to file a warranty claim on a VAUDE article?

No problem! Here are the steps to take in making a claim and the conditions that must be met.

If you have further questions on how to proceed, please contact our customer service department by filling out an inquiry form.

Who should you contact to make a claim?

We request that you contact your specialized dealer to make a claim on a VAUDE article.

Your dealer is legally required to provide a two-year warranty period starting from the purchase date.

If you bought your VAUDE article at our online shop at, please contact Arendicom or the VAUDE dealer named in your order confirmation.

How do I order spare tent poles?

Replacement tent poles can be ordered for almost all VAUDE tents. To order replacements of individual tent pole segments, your dealer will need the following information:

  • Tent Model + Lot No. (two letters sewn in a bag inside the tent)
  • Number of tapered ends (0, 1, 2)?
  • Color?
  • Bent, broken?
  • Segment dimensions
  • Segment length to taper + diameter
  • Length of the taper + diameter

If necessary, also order the tent pole draw cord  (for this, 2/3 of the overall length of the pole is sufficient). The dealer can request information on price and delivery time from us for you. You will find instructions for how to change the tent pole draw cord enclosed with your replacement part.

To order a complete set of replacement poles, your dealer will need the following information:

Tent Model (or Article Number) + Lot No. (two letters sewn in a bag inside the tent)

If only one tent pole is needed, simply provide a short description of which tent pole you need.

Your retailer will be happy to help you with the order. Ordering directly from VAUDE is not possible.

How do I order spare parts?

VAUDE has replacement parts in stock for almost all products – even older ones. So if something is lost or damaged on your favorite product, it’s no reason to say goodbye.

Retailer help

Please contact your local retailer where you probably bought the product. They can best judge what should be done and can order any spare parts for you directly from VAUDE.

Spare parts only will be sent to our dealers.  They are forwarding them to you.

Here you can find a dealer.

Is it possible to alter a product?

Alteration of your favorite product

Would you like to alter your product? Of course you can send us your VAUDE product to be altered. Please let us know through your retailer as to your wishes about what should be altered.
We will contact you again through your retailer to inform you about the possibilities for alterations and the estimated costs before we do anything. After the incurred processing time, you can pick up the item again at your retailer.

Is it possible to send a product for repairing?

We are happy to repair your favorite products. This helps you extend the item’s life and saves resources. Therefore, we offer a repair service for all products regardless of whether they are still under warranty or not.

The repair procedure is similar to that of our returns:

  • Bring damaged product to your local retailer
  • Request repair
  • VAUDE analyzes whether this the repair is feasible
  • Your retailer informs you about feasibility and costs
  • Product is repaired
  • Product is sent back to your retailer
  • Product can be picked up at your retailer

Thank you for helping to make (y)our world a better place!