Tips & Tricks

Useful information about your VAUDE product, instructions and background information.

Care & Maintenance

We are proud of our products. They are made with a passion for design and with high quality materials. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, our products also need appropriate care in order to function optimally over the long term.

If your panniers get wet, they should be thoroughly dried; otherwise, mold or mildew can develop and leave behind stains. To dry them, hang them up in a well-ventilated area.

Dirt and stains are best removed with a damp sponge. If a bag gets really grimy, you can clean it under running water. Try to remove any metal parts you can – otherwise, rust stains can form. Do not dry clean panniers or try to clean them in a washing machine!

Here you can find information on product care and maintenance.


All VAUDE products have a statutory warranty period of two years. For all “Made in Germany” products, we have even extended this to five years.

You can find out whether there is a warranty claim for your defective product here.

Repair, don´t replace

If something should break in your pannier, you can often repair it yourself. For this reason, we have put together a separate page for you, here and in our  Sustainability Report. Here you can also find short ifixit repair videos on many topics.

Bike Bag Attachment

To provide practical insight into how to mount our VAUDE bike bags, we’ve created some video tutorials. Have fun taking a look!

Roadmaster Series

Comyou Series

Cycle Series

Aqua Series