The right Suspension System

The suspension system is the heart of every backpack. It makes the key difference when it comes to comfort and fit. VAUDE bike backpacks are high performance products that are truly versatile.


The suspension system is the direct connection between you and your gear, so it’s the most important component of your pack. Carrying comfort is important because it allows you to concentrate on your performance and enjoy your ride to the fullest. VAUDE suspension systems are multifunctional. Nevertheless, we offer different suspension systems that are fine-tuned to different activities so you’ll always have the perfect gear for the conditions you face. Depending on your activity, you can choose a full-contact back or a ventilated suspension system.

What the suspension system must be able to do


An excellent suspension system fully distributes the weight of your pack across your back evenly so that it doesn’t affect your bike handling. It’s responsible for comfort, stability and the fit of your pack, so even with a heavy load it should never pinch or cause sore spots. In addition, it should provide protection and enable good air circulation between the pack and your back.

What to watch for when trying it on


A pack only provides optimal support when it’s matched to your own specific needs. This also means that it doesn’t restrict your freedom of movement.

So you should really pay attention to a perfect fit when you’re trying on a pack. A lot of our packs feature shoulder straps that can be individually adjusted to your torso length and shape.

Here are a few tips to help you adjust your pack correctly when it’s fully loaded:

  1. Loosen the shoulder straps and the load positioning straps.
  2. Put on the pack and close the hipbelt. The hipbelt should sit snugly on the top of your pelvic girdle.
  3. Then stand up straight and slowly tighten the shoulder straps until they fit snugly on your shoulders without the pack pulling upward when you bend forward.
  4. If your pack has them, tighten the load positioning straps and close the sternum strap. The sternum strap determines the distance between the shoulder straps, and should be adjusted when you’re in a riding position.

Adjusting the straps correctly


You can adjust the straps using the F.L.A.S.H. technology. For an optimal fit, the end of the shoulder strap should be just below your chest (see illustration below).

ADJUSTMENT You can easily and quickly adjust the straps to fit your torso length by using the Velcro strap at the bottom of the suspension system. Open the Velcro strap so that you can adjust the length of the shoulder strap unit (1). Adjust the strap by pulling it out or pushing it in to reach the right length (2). Reattach the Velcro strap to secure the position. Size markings on the outside of the Velcro strap can help you determine the correct length.

Backpack with integrated protector


Thanks to the multi-layer construction of the protector (CB1 LIGHT from ORTEMA), you can adjust the back panel for an optimal ergonomic and biomechanical fit. This ensures that the pack is comfortable to carry, while maximizing the protection it provides.

Because people with the same length torso can have vastly different shapes, the ability to adjust the height of the hipbelt on a backpack with a protector is both an anatomical and orthopedic necessity. The adjustable hipbelt positions the back protector snugly at the spine, while stabilizing the lower back and taking stress off of one’s spinal discs.

To adjust the hipbelt, detach the red Velcro strap on the hipwings and remove it from the webbing loops. Then adjust the hipbelt to the desired height (S, M, or L), re-thread through the loops and close the Velcro. The hipbelt should sit snugly on the top of your pelvic girdle.



Rear-ventilated suspension systems create an open space between the pack and your back where air can circulate freely from three sides. The pack doesn’t lay directly against your back — a mesh panel creates distance between the two, providing maximal ventilation.

Rear-ventilated suspension systems are the best choice for sweat-inducing, strenuous activities.




Aeroflex is our classic rear ventilation system for backpacks. A stable mesh panel is attached to an extremely lightweight spring steel frame. The taut mesh ensures sufficient space between your back and the pack. It creates a generous ventilation space with optimal 3-way air circulation (from both sides and from underneath) for your back.

The suspension system fits perfectly against your back no matter what your activity or your riding position. Backpacks with the patented Aeroflex suspension system are perfect for bike tours that require good ventilation of your back. The center of gravity is however farther out than it is with other packs that lie flat against your back.


Aeroflex 3D


Aerolflex 3D is the further development of our classic Aeroflex back. The range of application is exactly the same, but the performance of the back has been significantly increased.

The construction allows ventilation from all sides. This reduces heat build-up on the back by up to 42%* and moisture formation by up to 23%*.

* In comparison to reference backpacks, confirmed by a study of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.




Backpacks with a full-contact back are primarily used for biking in demanding terrain.

The pack lies directly against your back and distributes the load evenly while keeping your center of gravity as close to your body as possible. This improves your balance and maximizes your freedom of movement.

Synergy Mold Active


Backpacks with a Synergy Mold Active suspension system are designed for longer bike tours in demanding terrain with a normal load. The system features great breathability and stability. A large mesh insert that runs along your spine helps air circulate and provides effective ventilation for the back. A height adjustable hipbelt offers additional carrying comfort.

VENT-TEX Ultralight

The VENT-TEX Ultralight suspension system was specifically engineered for road biking and mountain biking and/or day trips with a light load. The back panel was left out in this suspension system in order to reduce weight (without reducing the comfort level). The flexible suspension system follows your every move, whatever your riding position. Mesh padding along the spine ensures a comfortable fit, even on challenging trails. The padding doesn’t absorb moisture and it creates a large ventilation channel to keep air circulating across one’s back.

Vent Active Bike


The Vent Active Bike suspension system offers stability and comfort on day trips or multi-day trips with a lightweight to medium load. An ergonomic back panel (EMP) ensures for even load distribution and high pack stability. Ventilation channels in the padding keep air circulating effectively.



We use many different technologies in our bike backpacks for optimal functionality.


Your height and the length of your torso are important criteria for the optimal fit of a backpack. F.L.A.S.H. stands for Floating Length-Adjustable Shoulder Harness and it’s a patented system for adjusting the length of your backpack straps. The mechanism offers continuous adjustment for a perfect fit to the length of your torso.

Shifting Back Length


“Shifting Back Length” means the pack can be precisely
adjusted to the wearer’s torso length – for extra comfort
on your tour.

In comparison to the F.L.A.S.H. technology, here not only the length of the shoulder straps is adjusted, but also the complete back length.



EMP (Ergonomic Movement Panel) is a lightweight, ergonomic back panel. It provides your pack with stability and even load distribution.

At the same time, the panel ensures freedom of movement (for example, rotational movement in the upper section) so that you can react quickly in demanding terrain.


ORTEMA Protection


A protector and a pack work together to create one functional unit. They ensure an optimal solution in terms of safety and functionality. With our partner ORTEMA (Orthopädietechnik Markgröningen), we have an expert in protective gear at our side. Their expertise in product development, detailed medical knowledge, and technical know-how flow directly into the designs.

The CB1 LIGHT is a very compact, lightweight, and safe back protector that features a multi-layer construction and provides an optimal fit to the individual shape of your back. The protector can withstand multiple impacts thanks to its specialized foam, providing maximal protection for your spine. VAUDE integrates the protector into its Moab Series, which was specifically engineered for mountain bikers.




Thanks to a 3D knit construction that’s unparalleled worldwide, VAUDE backpacks are manufactured at a quality level that’s never been experienced before. The production process is gentle on the planet because the foam-free back section doesn’t produce any waste.

The seamless construction ensures exceptional comfort and a perfect fit making this vest-type suspension system perfect for high motion sports. Pressure distribution and ventilation is optimized by the special positioning of a variety of densities at the back.