Your perfect Bike Shoe

Bike soles are not all the same – what you need to think about

When deciding on a bike shoe, it’s key to not only consider the shoe’s performance and fit, but also its sole. The right sole determines whether you stay safe and comfortable when you’re on your adventure. Different terrains in combination with different biking activities demand appropriate tread designs and sole construction.

We distinguish between the following categories at VAUDE:

Performance Road Bike Soles

Our stiffest bike sole. In road cycling soles, the key factors are low weight and stiffness in order to maximize efficiency and power transfer to the pedal. The outsole itself has only a minimal profile at the front of the toes and heel, and is designed exclusively for cycling. The sole is equipped with a special cleat that’s compatible with all standard road cycling clipless pedals.


1 Sole with 3-hole design for all road cycling standard clipless pedal systems

Highly stiff nylon sole for performance-driven bikers

Replaceable heel cleat, screwed on from the inside

Performance Mountain Bike Soles

The Performance MTB sole is just as stiff as the racing bike sole. Here too, it’s all about lightness and stiffness, in order to ensure best possible power transfer. In addition, the outsole features large profile lugs that let you safely maneuver all carrying passages on the trail. The sole is equipped with a cleat for all standard MTB clipless pedal systems. Cyclo-cross riders like to equip their shoes with additional spikes – we’ve added two mounting options at the front of the shoe to accommodate for this.


1 Elongated tread profile offers perfect pedal connection

Cleat mounts compatible with all standard MTB plates

Full length nylon reinforcement for optimum power transfer

Large tread lugs ensure perfect grip and traction. Large gaps prevent dirt from clogging up the lugs.

All Mountain Soles

In this category we combine the widest range of soles, which are far more cushioned than our Performance Soles. Starting from moderately stiff soles with a clipless system and ranging up to soft, flat pedal soles without mounting for clipless pedals. The first are the right choice for the All Mountain tourer, offering a secure grip and efficient power transfer for long rides, and a rubber lugged outsole for extended carrying passages – perfect for your next trans-alpine tour. Flat pedal soles, on the other hand, are almost as comfortable to walk in as regular shoes. In the following chapter you will find detailed information about which activities these soles are best for (What are flat pedal shoes and do I really need them?).


1 Outsole with anti-slip SUPTRACTION rubber compound

2 Click device suitable for all conventional MTB click pedal systems

3 Continuous nylon midsole for optimal power transmission


1 Aggressive lugged profile with increased contact surface and good abrasion resistance

2 Detachable, screw-on cover for cleat system allows for riding with and without cleats

3 Optimum shock absorption in the middle and rear foot

4 Rockered profile: convex sole facilitates foot roll movement

5 Nylon reinforcement ensures optimum power transfer to the pedal


1 Deeper tread in the toe and heel area for perfect support when carrying or pushing your bike.

2 The soft SUPtraction Flat rubber compound ensures perfect grip on the pedal.

3 The hexagon lugs in the pedal area act like barbs, wedging themselves into the ground when walking and providing good traction on diffi cult passages as well.

4 Lightweight EVA midsole with shock absorbing heel element provides maximum comfort, even in rough terrain.

Travel Soles

As the name suggests, these soles are made for bicycle travels and commuting. The outsole is primarily designed to offer comfort on and off the pedal – to save energy while travelling, they are of course also compatible with a clipless pedal system.


1 Asymmetrical arrangement of tread lugs ensures excellent grip on dry and wet terrain

2 Sole made of 20 % recycled rubber

3 Detachable, screw-on cover for cleat system allows for riding with and without cleats

4 Pedal Control: Optimum pedal connection for maximum riding pleasure

5 Full length reinforcement in two degrees of stiffness ensures good power transfer to the pedal and comfortable foot roll movement when walking


1 Flex grooves ensure optimal roll-through while walking

2 Profiled outsole for perfect grip when cycling and walking

3 Rubber outsole made of 20 % recycled material

4 Lightweight, shock absorbing EVA midsole

Here you’ll find more information about our V-flow Stability Index.