Wind Protection



In cold temperatures, your body loses moisture and heat into the air with every breath you take. When it’s under 10° Celsius, this effect is further intensified by wind. The temperature you feel differs significantly from the temperature actually measured. This phenomenon is known as the wind-chill effect. You’re much more likely to get frostbite in cold temperatures and strong winds than without wind. For example, at 0° Celsius and 20 km/h wind, the subjective perception of cold is -5.2° Celsius.

Windproof 80


Windproof 80 provides 80 % windproofness that comes from the combination of an exceptionally dense fabric construction and the processing of the fabric. In windy weather, this blocks the wind out and at the same time, ensures very high breathability. In stormy weather or very cold winds, however, you should choose a higher windproof rating to protect your body from the wind-chill factor.

Windproof 100


As the name implies, Windproof 100 is 100 % windproof. In softshells this primarily means that a windproof membrane is incorporated. The outer fabric provides protection from the elements, while the inner material insulates and retains your own body heat. This fabric is a great choice for bike tours in cool weather, but also in stormy weather.

Windproof Pro


Windproof Pro provides wind protection exactly where it is urgently needed in order to achieve an optimal microclimate for your body. 100 % windproof material is used where your body is most exposed to the wind when cycling, such as in the chest and kidney area. Less dense material (80 %) is used where high breathability is required, such as under the arms and at the back. The result is a product that is perfectly tailored to the wearer’s needs, in order to achieve optimum performance.

Windproof Green


Products with the Windproof Green membrane are windproof and breathable. Recycled or biobased materials are used to manufacture the membrane.

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Softshells are the true all-rounders of functional textiles. They combine optimal weather protection with insulation, thus protecting against moisture and insulating at the same time. The stretchy material has a truly comfortable hand and is permanently water-repellent, wind repellent or even windproof – depending on the processing and material.

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