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How can I send a product in for a repair?

We are happy to repair your favorite products. This extends their lifespans and reduces the impact on the planet, which is why we offer an independent repair service for all products — you don’t need to file a complaint to get a repair.

Please take the following steps if you have a customer request:

  • Take your damaged product to your VAUDE dealer
  • Tell them you’d like to have it repaired
  • They’ll check the item for repair feasibility
  • Your dealer will also provide information on options and costs
  • The repair is made
  • The article is returned to your VAUDE dealer
  • Pick it up at the VAUDE dealer

With a little craftsmanship, many repairs can often be easily made yourself. So if you like to sew or repair things, you’ll find the support you need with our do-it-yourself repair instructions. If you’re not successful or you still need professional help, just take your product to a VAUDE dealer and have them send it in.


Thanks for contributing to making (y)our world a better place!


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