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How do I repair taped seams on my jacket?


From time to time it can happen that the seam of your functional jacket gets detached, e.g. due to incorrect care or external influences. We will show you here in just a few steps how you can fix the seam again.

Tools Needed

Thin towel, iron, sewing machine, sewing thread






Time Needed

About 10 Minutes


Step One

You’ll need a kitchen towel, an iron, matching thread and a sewing machine



Step Two

Adjust the heat on your iron: 1 point (set it on low)


Step Three

Place a thin towel over the seam on your jacket and iron evenly. Be very careful not to hold the iron too long in any one place so that the fabric doesn’t get too hot — it’s better to check frequently under the towel to see if the seam has re-bonded and to press the iron down firmly. Ironing the seam helps it rebond before you sew it back together.


Step Four

Thread the sewing machine with matching thread and carefully sew along the seam parallel to the zipper.
Lock the seam by briefly stitching back and forth at the beginning and end of your line of sewing.
Tip: Re-sew the entire seam from bottom to top, not just the open segment, to make the repair look better.

Finished! You did it.