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Bike apparel

Tips & Tricks

We are proud of our products. They are made with a passion for design and with top quality materials. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, our products also need appropriate care in order to function optimally over the long term.
Especially when it comes to textiles, there are no uniform rules about how to take care of them – each item has its own requirements. You should therefore follow the care instructions directly on the product label.

Washing & Drying

Here are some general tips for cleaning your VAUDE bike apparel:

      • Close all fasteners (zips, buttons, Velcro) to avoid them from catching and misshaping your garment
      • Don’t use fabric softeners
      • Use a mild liquid detergent (like a special detergent such as NikWax Tech Wash)
      • Don’t use bleach
      • Only use a tumble dryer if this is expressly permitted on the care label
      • Functional textiles are quick-drying. So you can do without a tumble dryer – that’s good for the environment and good for the material
      • Never iron fleece jackets, soft shells and jackets with a coating; just shake them out briefly after washing

For textiles with special properties, their own specific care instructions must always be observed. Additional information about product care can be found here.


You should refresh the waterproofing of your VAUDE weatherproof apparel on a regular basis – in any case after every wash – in order to maintain its functionality.

We’ve collected together information on what you have to pay attention to at Product Care.

If you need help with waterproofing, we also offer a Waterproofing Service.

Repairs & Replacement Parts

Outdoor wear is much more exposed to stress and wear than your everyday clothing. Wear and tear or damage doesn’t necessarily mean the end of life for your product though. Read on to things you should take into account to help your VAUDE product have a longer life.


All VAUDE products have a statutory warranty period of two years. For all “Made in Germany” products, we have even extended this to five years.
If you’ve got a defective product, you can find out if it meets the warranty conditions here.

Open Seams

If a seam loosens up or even opens up completely, your local tailor can easily fix this problem. Tailors have very precise industrial sewing machines and it’s easy for them to simply repair the sewing.

Defective Zips

Sticky zips can be easily maintained with the right type of oil for continued smooth running. Even defective zips can be repaired or completely renewed.
We have compiled different possibilities for zip repair here.

Repair Instructions

You can often make small repairs yourself. Try out our „Do-it-yourself“ instructions at iFixit.

Repair Service

If you need help with repairs, you can also visit a Repair Café near you where you can also order VAUDE spare parts.
If you can’t repair your VAUDE product on your own or in the Repair Café, you can still contact the VAUDE product service via your trusted dealer.
We’re happy to repair your favorite products and offer a repair service – regardless of whether you’re filing a warranty claim or not. This extends the lifespan of these products and reduces the impact on the planet. You’ll find all the information you need here.