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The right Outdoor Shoe

The right outdoor footwear for your next adventure

Taking your time to think about what kind of footwear you’ll need for your next adventure is important – we offer a range of models that are just as unique as your next adventure in the mountains or anywhere else in the great outdoors.

When it comes to choosing the right footwear, there is so much to consider – not just your susceptibility to blisters, the shape of your foot or its width – you also have to take into account the design features of your future shoes or boots. The type of footwear, its materials, construction and, of course, the individual perks of each individual model all have to be considered.

The most important factor is where you’ll be using your new shoes or boots – are you heading out on a trekking adventure, into an urban jungle, or planning on long walks in the countryside?

V-Flow Stability Index

To help you find the perfect VAUDE product, we’ve developed a way to categorize our footwear. We call it the V-Flow Index.

The V-Flow Index combines the stability of the upper with the midsole and outsole. It creates a precise calibration system – from 3 (flexible) for everyday footwear to 9 (very stiff) for alpine touring. One of the most important features in performance footwear is the stiffness or flexibility of the outsole.


  • High alpine terrain, long ascents, climbing and glacier passages with crampons
  • Perfect fit even when worn for long periods of time, optimum support and very stiff sole for short steps and crampon use


  • Alpine tours and climbing with an approach over rough terrain, via ferrata, belay shoe
  • Perfect fit, lightweight and sturdy, stiff sole for short outcrops and steep ascents


  • Ranging from unpaved, unmarked mountain trails and climbs to off-trail hiking over rugged terrain
  • Perfect stabilization and fatigue-free walking


  • Ranging from long off-trail hiking, rough trails to hiking over scree with a heavy load
  • Perfect fit, optimal protection and stabilization for long periods of wear


  • Ranging from extended hiking on established trails to easy alpine terrain, travel shoes
  • Optimal support and comfort for hikes with a light load


  • An active life – at work or at play in the great outdoors
  • Comfort and a natural foot roll for active living


  • Activities primarily in nature, weather protection, sturdy and lightweight
  • Flexible sole and protective shaft ideal for children’s growing feet, perfect weather protection and user-friendly

The V-Flow Index will help you preselect the footwear that would be most ideal for your planned activities. By the way: You can find this index embossed on the outsole of all VAUDE shoes as well as on a label attached to the laces on new pairs.

After choosing a few to try on by using the index, you can then fine-tune your selection to find your perfect shoes or boots.

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