The right Mountain Sports Apparel

The right apparel plays a key role for all outdoor activities in the mountains. Fine tuned for different types of activities, VAUDE’s functional apparel can support you in your pursuits. It helps you to be truly comfortable so that you can enjoy nature to the fullest.



Important factors that influence your degree of physical comfort include clothing that is comfortable to wear, fits optimally, is made from high-quality materials and helps regulate your body temperature, as well as providing sufficient protection from the sun, wind and weather. Functional textiles support and help maintain the optimal performance of your body. They ensure the right amount of breathability, moisture wicking ability, protection from rain or snow, and insulation for each type of activity. Therefore, it’s really important to think about the activity you plan to use the functional clothing for, and what characteristics the apparel should have.

Regulating Body Temperature


Functional textiles help regulate your body temperature during physical activity. Breathability is the water vapor permeability of a material from the inside to the outside. Breathable materials transport sweat away from your skin, which protects your body from overheating. Thermal functional textiles keep your body warm at low temperatures.

Fast-drying Materials


Functional garments have fast-drying properties to help keep you from overcooling and speed up the wash and wear process.

Functional Fit


Functional designs and materials support your body during sports activities. This helps boost your performance levels, so your outdoor activities are that much more fun and enjoyable.

Useful Features


Features that are specifically designed for the product’s intended use create added value for each activity. Trekking trousers, for example, might have zip-off legs, reinforced leg cuffs, or an integrated map compartment.

Low Weight & Pack Size


Functional textiles can be packed down small and usually are very lightweight. This is a key advantage – especially in the mountains or while traveling, when space is limited and you want to avoid carrying unnecessary weight.



Each different type of activity in the mountains places specific demands on your functional clothing. All the details and functionality as well as the fit are designed with an activity in mind, whether it’s hiking, via ferrata or high-elevation alpine climbs. Of course, you can always use items such as trousers, a fleece jacket or softshell for other activities, but the optimum functionality is offered by each product for its own intended activity. Every piece of VAUDE apparel has a hangtag that helps you recognize what activity the item was designed for.

Mountain Sports & Ski Tours


The functional apparel in the Mountain category are designed for those who love a physical challenge. They’re perfect for high-elevation winter adventures, mountaineering or climbing in summer.
These products are lightweight, form-fitting, made from robust materials, look sportive and feature maximum functionality. Special emphasis is placed on weather protection and specific features.

Special Features

VAUDE’s Mountain Products have useful features that make outdoor adventures truly rewarding.
These include the ability to connect jackets with trousers, integrated snow skirts, zip-off bibs, taped pockets or cordura reinforcements on leg cuffs. Jackets of this category have a helmet-compatible hood, zips that can also be used when the harness is on, or secure-fit band for a climbing harness. The products have reinforced shoulders for the extra weight of carrying a pack.


Backpacking & Hiking


The mountains offer plenty of variety and a huge range of activities. Products for backpacking and hiking are designed for day trips and can be used in many different ways – even in urban areas. They are robust, offer full functionality and highest wearing comfort, as well as a modern look.

Special Features

Jackets of this category, for example, have underarm ventilation and adjustable or removable hoods, while the trousers have zip-off functionality. The products are also backpack compatible.


Urban Life & Travel


Whether at work, on the road or in your free time, VAUDE Urban Life products offer high comfort, urban design and optimum performance for all your day to day activities.
The products are functional and can be combined in many ways. Fashionable styles and fabrics provide an up-to-date look, so you’ll always be well dressed, whatever the situation. Weather protection isn’t neglected either.

Special Features

Urban Life jackets feature adjustable or removable hoods, hidden reflective inserts, two-way zips, and adjustable cuffs.




Both weather and temperatures can change rapidly outdoors. Your body is constantly adapting to these changes – your core temperature will rise as you work out and fall again when you take a break. When you’re participating in any strenuous activity, it makes sense to dress in layers that work well together.

In the 3-layer principle, individual layers of clothing are combined with each other to form a functional unit. For the layer principle to work, however, it is absolutely necessary to use only functional textiles. These fabrics move moisture outward so that insulation between the layers isn’t affected.

The individual layers are extremely variable and can be adapted to different weather conditions at any time. Depending on weather conditions and your own personal condition, a layer can be put on or taken off: If it gets too warm, just take off a layer, and once you start to cool down, you can put it back on again.

Layer 1 (base layer / first layer)


The base layer is the most important layer because it is worn directly against your skin. This layer wicks moisture outward as quickly as possible to keep your body dry and prevent overcooling. Functional fibers are used for the base layer, as natural fibers lose their wicking ability when wet. In sunny, warm temperatures you often wear just this one functional layer.

Layer 2 (mid layer / second layer)


The mid layer insulates your body’s heat and transports moisture from the inside to the outside.
Several synthetic materials, such as fleece, are suitable for this purpose. They keep your body warm in cool temperatures. They retain this property even when wet as well as dry quickly.

Layer 3 (outer layer / third layer)


The outermost layer offers protection against external influences such as rain, wind or cold temperatures. Both hardshell and softshell products are suitable for this purpose. Hardshells offer maximum protection from adverse weather conditions and are absolutely waterproof, windproof and breathable. Softshells combine weather protection with thermal insulation properties. The stretch material is comfortable to wear, breathable and water-repellent, but not waterproof.