The right Bike Apparel

Biking is a lifestyle choice. Whether you’re talking about the 9-5 of urban life, a weekend trip with your road bike or mountain bike, or a bike touring vacation – the right clothing ensures the comfort level you need for optimal performance and increased safety. VAUDE offers functional bike wear to meet all of your needs.



Functional bike clothing differs from other sportswear in many ways. The demands it needs to meet depend on the intended activity. Do you prefer a close fit on your road bike? Do you wear protectors and need wide cut apparel on your MTB?
Or do you need comfortable items that you can also wear off your bike? VAUDE bike apparel differs in terms of designs, materials and features for the specific demands of different kinds of biking.



Every VAUDE product has a hangtag that helps you recognize what activity and what type of use it was designed for.



Whether asphalt, gravel road or single trail – depending on where you like to bike, you’ll need different functional apparel. VAUDE bike apparel offers maximum comfort and protection. All details and functionality as well as specific design are adapted to the intended activity. E-biking fans will also get their money’s worth with us.

MTB All Mountain & Enduro

Are you the type that loves a thrill – who enjoys feeling every muscle at the end of the day of single track riding? For bike enthusiasts who want to fully experience the joys and athletic challenges of riding, VAUDE offers highly functional biking apparel that can help turn every trip into an epic experience.

Our All Mountain gear will let you take on the challenge of both uphill and downhill riding, on dirt roads and off-road trails. Therefore All Mountain bike pants include a chamois as well as stretch inserts for increased comfort and optimum freedom of movement.
Enduro biking is all about fast-paced downhill racing. So safety and comfort are top priorities when it comes to your gear – for the best riding experience. The clothing is more robust, features longer cuts and can be combined with protectors.

Cross Country & Road Biking

Let’s kick it up a notch: Do you love to devour kilometers or explore nature off the beaten track? Many road bikers and cross- or gravel-bikers are looking for the challenges experienced when they leave their hectic workaday routines behind. Performance coupled with experience and enjoyment is the best way to keep fit and keep your head free – either solo or with friends. Most of the time you’re riding on paved roads and can concentrate on your performance. At higher speeds and in dynamic riding positions, it’s even more important that your clothing fits closely.


E-biking is a hot new trend and it can open up a whole new world of mountain bike experiences. When mountain biking with the support of an electric motor, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to your gear and apparel. While you might tend to sweat less, you’re also riding at higher speeds which means more airflow. Your pack gets heavier if you’ve got to carry your spare battery.
The specific features of e-MTB apparel offer major advantages for e-biking, but can, of course, also be used for normal biking. Some of the special features include the use of windproof materials at the front to protect against wind and cold.

VAUDE offers clothing products tailored to e-biking as well as special e-bike backpacks.

Bike Travel

Do you love the incredible variety our planet has to offer and riding off to explore it all? Bike touring offers a combination of adventure, fascinating cultures and breathtaking landscapes. Under frequently changing conditions, your clothing is often subjected to a real test of endurance. VAUDE bike travel products are particularly robust, fit comfortably and feature reflectors for increased safety.

Bike City

Your bike is a part of your lifestyle: whether you’re into urban riding, recreational cycling or commuting in all kinds of weather, the VAUDE City products are made just for you. The clothing is suitable for everyday use and features urban styles.



Both weather and temperatures can change rapidly outdoors. Your body is constantly adapting to these changes – your core temperature will rise as you work out and fall again when you take a break. When you’re participating in any strenuous activity, it makes sense to dress in layers that work well together.
In the 3-layer principle, individual layers of clothing are combined with each other to form a functional unit. Depending on weather conditions and your own personal condition, a layer can be put on or taken off: If it gets too warm, just take off a layer, and once you start to cool down, you can put it back on again. For the layer principle to work, however, it is absolutely necessary to use only functional textiles. These fabrics move moisture outward and insulate the air between the layers.

You can distinguish between the following layers:

Layer 1

(base layer / first layer)

The base layer is the most important layer because it is worn directly against your skin. This layer wicks moisture outward as quickly as possible to keep your body dry and prevent overcooling. Functional fibers are used for the base layer, as natural fibers lose their wicking ability when wet. In sunny, warm temperatures you often wear just this one functional layer. A lot of functional shirts therefore have integrated UV protection.

Layer 2

(mid layer / second layer)

The mid layer insulates your body’s heat and transports moisture from the inside to the outside.
Several synthetic materials, such as fleece, are suitable for this purpose. They keep your body warm in cool temperatures. They retain this property even when wet as well as dry quickly.

Layer 3

(outer layer / third layer)

The outermost layer offers weatherprotection against external influences such as rain, wind or cold temperatures. Both hardshell and softshell products are suitable for this purpose. Hardshells offer maximum protection from adverse weather conditions and are absolutely waterproof, windproof and breathable. Softshells combine weather protection with thermal insulation properties. The stretch material is comfortable to wear, breathable and water-repellent, but not waterproof.

Hybrid clothing

Hybrid clothing is characterised by the smart combination of different materials and their functions. A sensible and very variable supplement to the layer principle – especially in transitional seasons with high temperature fluctuations or changing conditions.

For example, some of our bike apparel combine both insulating areas with windproof and breathable zones, thus offering the best possible weather protection while at the same time efficiently regulating the body climate. This saves you an additional layer of functional clothing and you are still “prepared” for every eventuality.