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Packs'n Bags & Luggage

The right Bag

When choosing a bag or a backpack, you’ve got to consider what it will be used for. Depending on the activities, different demands are placed on the materials, processing, design and features. Whether for your everyday routines, after work or weekends, or your next epic journey – VAUDE offers a variety of custom-fitting options.


The list of recreational activities that your bag or pack can be used for is endless. And each of these requires its own set of special features. The demands made on your gear all depend on where – and how – you’re on the go, whether it’s the daily commute, sports or travel. In order to meet these wide-ranging requirements, we at VAUDE distinguish between three categories: Daypacks, travel bags and laptop bags.



The volume of a pack in liters doesn’t translate to the load that it carries – for example, a 25 liter pack doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for a 25 kg load. The number of liters tells you the volume that it can hold – the size of the pack. Note that these are maximum measurements – a pack isn’t square and you can’t determine the volume based on its specific dimensions. The pack’s suspension system and design determines how many kilos it can comfortably carry.

Calculating the volume

The volume of a backpack is determined using the criteria of the ASTM F2153-01 standard test method. This standard test method specifies that all of the pack’s compartments are filled with small plastic balls. All of these balls are then emptied into a container with a scale on the side. This standard test method is used by all well-known backpack manufacturers.