VAUDE tents are simply more ecological. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally friendly, functional products made from sustainable materials. We are consistently pursuing a “green” path with integrated concepts and innovative products.



Going the eco-friendly and fair route… this is what drives us and at the same time is the matter closest to heart.

We pay attention to environmental compatibility and sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of a product, from design and materials, through production, use and care, to recycling and disposal. Additional information can be found in our Sustainability Report.

The following Green Shape features make your ecological footprint even smaller with a VAUDE tent:


Green Anodizing

Anodizing aluminum poles provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. Our tent pole partner, DAC, has developed an anodizing process which reduces the environmental impact to a minimum: Thanks to Green Anodizing, it’s possible to save a large proportion of the phosphoric and nitric acid normally used in this process as well as 90 % of the petroleum-based cleaning agents.


Tents have to offer versatile protection, even under adverse conditions. We use an environmentally-friendly Eco Finish DWR (durable water resistancy) whenever it makes sense and current technology permits. This water-repellent finish is applied to the outer tent and causes raindrops to bead up and roll right off the fabric. This helps protect you from the elements and keeps the planet clean, because we don’t use environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFCs), which are suspected of being harmful to health.


Because we care about nature, we do not use any harmful PVCs in the production of our tents. The alternative PU material is just as robust, durable and waterproof, but doesn’t contain any harmful plasticizers.


bluesign® stands for the world’s strictest standard in terms of environmental protection, consumer protection and occupational safety. In order to obtain bluesign® certification, 95 % of all bluesign® requirements must be fulfilled for each individual product. This guarantees high transparency throughout the entire production chain.

VAUDE is a bluesign® partner so environmentally relevant aspects such as eco-friendly production and the careful use of resources are constantly monitored and improved upon, and sustainable production is guaranteed.

We abstain from using problematic substances

VAUDE tent components are not treated with flame-retardant substances, as these are harmful to both humans and to the planet.