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Sleeping Bags



The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for environmentally-friendly, functional products made from sustainable and bluesign® certified materials. We are consistently pursuing a “green” path with integrated concepts and innovative products.



Going the eco-friendly and fair route… this is what drives us and at the same time is the matter closest to heart.

We pay attention to environmental compatibility and sustainability throughout the entire life cycle of a product, from design and materials, through production, use and care, to recycling and disposal.

Further information about Green Shape can be found in our Sustainability Report.

The following Green Shape features make your footprint even smaller when you choose a VAUDE product:

Sustainable Design:

  • timeless, long lasting products with high material efficiency and high quality
  • repair and recyclability are taken into consideration

Environmentally friendly materials: 

  • use of certified, resource conserving materials
  • over 50 % biobased or recycled materials in every product

Responsible Production:

  • all sewing factories have verified social standards

Longer use, servicing and repair: 

  • can be washed at low temperatures
  • no dry cleaning required
  • VAUDE repair services, repair instructions and replacement parts

Recycling and disposal: 

  • high product quality enables second hand use
  • cooperation in industry-wide take-back and recycling

These Green Shape criteria will be valid for all newly developed products starting with our Summer Season 2022 and for all products by summer 2024.


Turning waste into new raw materials: When recycling, we can almost halve the impact on the environment compared to new production. Recycling is sustainable, reduces the greenhouse effect and contributes to climate protection. By recycling valuable raw materials, we use fewer fossil fuels and also significantly reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption in material production. For example, we use recycled material from PET bottles for many functional materials such as insulation, padding, membranes, nylon and fleece.

Renewable and biobased materials

At VAUDE, we have set ourselves the goal of increasing our use of plant-based, renewable raw materials in the production of our outdoor gear. Biobased materials contribute to reducing CO2 levels and the conservation of fossil resources helps to protect against climate change. We are now using biobased plastics derived from plants such as corn, sugar cane and castor oil in many products such as our shoe soles, apparel and backpacks. The advantage: Plants absorb CO2 until they are harvested, and when they are used they only release as much climate-damaging emissions as they absorbed during the growth phase. This is quite different from crude oil, from which conventional plastics are extracted. In addition to biobased plastics, natural plant fibers such as organic cotton or hemp can also be an alternative to synthetic materials. By using materials made from renewable raw materials, we are reducing the need for fossil fuels and contributing to protecting the planet from climate change.

Eco Finish

This water and stain resistant finish is applied to the outer fabric of your product so that water pearls up and runs right off – without the use of environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFCs). This protects you from the rain and keeps the planet clean. Regular reapplication is necessary for permanent waterproofing and stain resistance.

  • environmentally friendly water repellency and stain resistance
  • optimal protection from rain and moisture
  • no use of environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFC)

RDS down

The down of geese and duck is a miracle created by nature! It is lightweight, breathable, and provides perfect protection from cold temperatures. You can rest assured that VAUDE only uses down from sources that are certified by the independent Responsible Down Standard (RDS). Gentle washing and thorough drying is necessary to maintain the thermal performance of down.

  • down from responsibly sourced, certified farms
  • breathable natural material with high thermal insulation
  • perfect protection from cold temperatures at a minimal weight