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Suspension Systems

The suspension system is the heart of every backpack. It makes the key difference when it comes to comfort and fit. VAUDE backpacks are high performance products that are truly versatile and offer optimal support for your adventures.


The suspension system is the direct connection between you and your gear, so it’s the most important component of your pack. The more comfortable your pack is, the more you can concentrate on your surroundings. VAUDE suspension systems are multi-functional. Nevertheless, we offer different suspension systems that are fine-tuned to different activities so you’ll always have the perfect gear for the conditions you face. We’ve got a range of packs with body-contact suspension systems, and others with rear-ventilated suspension systems.

What the suspension system must be able to do

An excellent suspension system fully distributes the weight of your pack across your back evenly so that it doesn’t affect your center of gravity when you’re wearing it. It’s responsible for comfort, stability and the fit of your pack, so even with a heavy load it should never pinch or cause sore spots. In addition, it should provide protection and enable good air circulation between the pack and your back.


Backpacks with a full-contact suspension lie directly against your back. This distributes the load evenly while keeping your center of gravity as close to your body as possible. This improves your balance and maximizes your freedom of movement.

Urban Suspension Systems

Genuine all-rounders! Backpacks designed for daily life in the city or a day trip while you’re traveling feature good ventilation and are comfortable to carry. These packs lie directly against your back and the pack’s materials and design work together for optimal handling.


The Vent-Tex suspension system offers stability and comfort for trips with a lightweight to normal load. The suspension lies directly against your back which minimizes its influence on your center of gravity. An ergonomic back panel (EMP) ensures for even load distribution and high pack stability. Ventilation is provided by mesh padding along your spine. The padding doesn’t absorb moisture and it creates a large ventilation channel to keep air circulating across your back.


Rear-ventilated suspension systems create an open space between the pack and your back where air can circulate freely from three sides. The pack doesn’t lay directly against your back – a mesh panel creates distance between the two, providing maximal ventilation. Rear-ventilated suspension systems are the best choice for sweat-inducing, strenuous activities.

Aeroflex 3D

Aerolflex 3D is the further development of our classic Aeroflex back. The range of application is exactly the same, but the performance of the back has been significantly increased.

The construction allows ventilation from all sides. This reduces heat build-up on the back by up to 42%* and moisture formation by up to 23%*.

* In comparison to reference backpacks, confirmed by a study of the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.



Aeroflex suspension systems offer the best ventilation for backpacks. A stable mesh panel is attached to an extremely lightweight spring steel frame. The taut mesh ensures sufficient space between your back and the pack. It creates a generous ventilation space with optimal 3-way air circulation (from both sides and from underneath) for your back. The suspension system fits perfectly against your back no matter what your activity.

Backpacks with the patented Aeroflex suspension system are perfect for trips or activities that require good ventilation of your back. The center of gravity is, however, farther out than it is with other packs that lie flat against your back.

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are versatile and practical options for daily activities. The importance of the design, carrying comfort or wearing options changes depending on the activity the bag is designed for.

Shoulder padding

VAUDE shoulder bags have a comfortable shoulder pad on the shoulder strap for optimum comfort. This ensures that they don’t dig into your shoulder, even when your outing takes a little longer.

Rotary Attachment

Rotary Attachment – an intelligent shoulder strap attachment system – allows you to remove the strap from your shoulder bag at the touch of a button when you need it. A small button is all that’s left to be seen. An integrated rotation stop prevents the bag from tipping when worn.

Messenger – Function

A few of our shoulder bags are equipped with a messenger function. So the bags can also be carried crossways and sit wobble-free on the back when cycling, even when fully loaded.

By the way: You can also wear the bag on the other side. Simply thread the strap out of the slotted ring and back in on the other side. Then loosen the Velcro fastener of the buckle on the shoulder strap and turn the buckle around.