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Sleeping Pads

Sleeping Pad Constructions

There are basically two different types of designs for the construction of a sleeping pad. Whether you choose a pad that features air chambers, a pad with a foam core or a combination of both depends on what you’ll be using the pad for and your own individual needs.


Sleeping pads with air chambers are particularly lightweight, and when they feature robust outer material they offer high-performance insulation and a high level of sleeping comfort. They also pack down extremely small. A long-lasting pad construction, a comfortable size that provides ample space and quiet materials ensure a restful night’s sleep. All VAUDE models have an easy-to-operate flat valve with integrated inflation and deflation functionality.

Intended Use

The exceptionally good ratio between high thermal insulation, low weight and pack size makes air pad mats ideal for use on challenging tours where every gram of gear counts.

Insulation Materials

One of the jobs of a sleeping pad is to protect your body from the cold that seeps up from the ground and to prevent your body heat from escaping downwards. The use of high-quality insulation materials is therefore vital to preventing the exchange of air at the top and bottom of the pad. The insulation is welded to the top side of the pad and it ensures that body heat is reflected back from above and that the cold of the ground can’t penetrate upwards.

Primaloft® Black Insulation Eco

PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco features all the necessities for a thermally efficient insulation and adds the benefits of softness, packability, and loft. The performance experts at PrimaLoft, Inc., have combined 60%-recycled materials with advanced fiber technology to create a high performing eco-friendly insulation for immediate warmth without the bulk.

Sensofiber – easy care microfiber for cozy warmth 

Sensofiber is a soft, high-loft polyester microfiber fleece that can trap huge amounts of air. It reduces heat loss from radiation and keeps you toasty warm. The fine fibers also quickly wick away moisture from your body and provide a comfortable microclimate. Even when wet, Sensofiber retains its thermal properties, dries quickly, is durable, robust and low maintenance.

  •  reduces heat loss and wicks away moisture
  • retains its insulating properties even when wet
  • easy to clean, quick-drying and durable

Performance Collection

Hike Collection


Sleeping pads with a foam core offer the best ratio of weight, comfort level and easy handling. The foam core and the stretchy upper materials adapt optimally to a person’s body and enable a comfortable sleeping position. All VAUDE sleeping pads with a foam core are self-inflating. Horizontal perforations in the foam reduce weight and pack size. Compared to air chamber systems, the pack size and weight are slightly higher, but foam-core pads are more comfortable if the overall thickness is sufficient.

Intended Use

Sleeping pads with a foam core are always a great choice for camping trips or outdoor activities where weight and size play a minor role. Their advantages lie in their ease of use and higher level of comfort due to a flat sleeping surface.

Tour Collection

Dream Collection


The combination of an air pad and foam core pad offer the best of both worlds. The pads in the Dream Comfort series are particularly breathable and offer not only a large surface to sleep on, but also very high levels of sleeping comfort. The materials used are fully recyclable, and the outer cover is removable and washable. Compared to other comfort pads, the pack size is very small.


Dream Comfort Collection