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Sleeping Pads


Here you will find practical accessories that will give you an even better night’s sleep and make it easier to inflate your sleeping pad. So you can ensure a long service life for your pad and enjoy even better comfort.



The best way to inflate your sleeping pad is to use a pump sack or pump cushion. If you can avoid it, you shouldn’t inflate the pad with your breath, as this always contains a lot of moisture. Because a pad doesn’t dry well from the inside, you run the risk of mold developing inside. In the long run, the sleeping pad material can even start to decompose and become permeable to air as a result.


With the help of the VAUDE pump sack, you can inflate your sleeping pad comfortably without adding moisture (from your breath) to the inside of the pad. It is very lightweight and made of waterproof material, so it can also be used as a waterproof packing bag.  For easy handling, simply attach the valve, shake the bag once so that it fills with air, and then roll it up from the top. The valve fits most common pads on the market.


The VAUDE pump cushion offers you two functions at once: You can use it as a comfortable pillow, or as an air pump to inflate your sleeping pad. It’s suitable for inflating most common pads available on the market. Simply insert the valve and compress the cushion several times (with your foot or hand).


We offer inflatable pillows in two different sizes to help ensure a comfortable sleeping position. Thanks to the combination of foam core and stretchy outer surface, these pillows adapt perfectly to the shape of your head. Our pillows are also washable.