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How to I replace the thread plate on my bike bag?


QMR hooks are attached to the hardback panel with two thread plates. Occasionally, the screws can come loose from this thread plate and become lost. We’ll show you how you can easily replace the thread plates if this happens.

Tools / Replacement Parts Needed

Phillips Screwdriver and Thread Plate (Please see FAQ “How do I order spare parts”)


VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

10 Minutes


Step One

Slightly lift the hardback panel using a screwdriver and push the thread place underneath.


Step Two

Adjust the thread plate in the middle of the groove.


Step Three

Lift the thread plate with the screwdriver so that the thread from the QMR hook can catch the threads.


Step Four

Position the QMR hook on the thread plate.

Attach the screw to the thread plate using the orange  knob.

Finished! You did it.