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How do I wash my wool product?


Wool is a natural fiber that is similar to human hair. Each individual wool fiber is covered with a cuticle layer. Wetness or mechanical abrasion can make these fibers hook to each other which causes the wool to felt or shrink. To keep this from happening, clothing made from wool should be washed with a liquid detergent made specifically for wool in the wool cycle of your washing machine.

Tools and Replacement Parts Needed:

Wool detergent. We recommend the Nikwax product Wool Wash.



VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

about 2 hours


Step One

Read the information on the care label. In this example, a wool wash cycle set at 30 °C is recommended.



Step Two

Fill the washing machine and add your mild detergent in accordance with the product package directions. Turn the clothing inside out before washing and close all buttons, snaps, zips or Velcro. This keeps them from catching on other fibers and stretching out the garment.




To dry, hang the garment in a warm and dry place.

Finished! You did it.