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How do I wash, dry and impregnate my membrane jacket/trousers?


Basically the same applies here: Wash as little as possible and as often as necessary. Please always pay attention to the care label on the product. We will show you the best way to proceed using the example of a waterproof membrane jacket.

Tools Needed

Only use liquid detergent, preferably mild detergent. Better still, use a functional detergent such as Nikwax Tech Wash (available from your local dealer).



Time Needed

About 2 hours


Step One: Observe care label

For the washing process, 30 °C in the gentle wash cycle applies to this product.

On the smaller label are the symbols for the Nikwax functional detergent. We recommend Nikwax TX-Direct Spray for possible re-waterproofing.


Step Two

Fill the washing machine. For best results you should only wash the garment with textiles of a similar color.



Please always close all fasteners such as buttons, zippers and velcro fasteners before washing. This prevents fibres from getting caught and the garment will not wear out during washing.


Step Three: Washing

Set the washing machine according to the care label. In our example 30 °C gentle wash cycle.

Depending on the water hardness, fill the washing machine with the appropriate amount of liquid detergent. The dosage can be found in the instructions for use of the respective care product.



Do not use fabric softener or bleach!


Step Four: Drying

Then, for optimum reactivation of the impregnation, place the garment in the dryer for approx. 30 to 50 minutes at low temperature.



Alternatively, you can leave the garment to dry in a warm and dry place. However, this will not significantly reactivate the PWR applied by the factory.


Step Five: possible reimpregnation

After your jacket is dry, you can use the beading test to check whether you need to reimpregnate your jacket. Water drops should roll off easily.

Use Nikwax TX-Direct Spray and spray evenly on the outside of the garment. This leaves the inside of the garment untreated and allows moisture to be absorbed and released to the outside.

Expert Tip:

Our eco-friendly, water repellent Eco Finish does away with harmful fluorocarbons, but not without proper care.

We recommend that you impregnate your weather protection clothing before intensive use and after every wash.



Please observe the instructions for use printed on the respective care product.

Finished! You did it.