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What’s the right way to wash and dry my down jacket?


Thermal apparel with down fill has to be treated specially. The general rule is: was as little as possible and as often as necessary.

Recommended Products

Liquid detergent for fine wash or for functional clothing. We recommend Nikwax Down Wash.


VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

About 2 hours


Step One: Read the care label

You should wash this down jacket at 30 °C with a gentle cycle.

There are symbols for the recommended care products on the smaller label. We recommend Nikwax Down Wash for the washing cycle and TX Direct Spray from Nikwax for waterproofing if necessary.


Step Two: Washing

Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle with extra rinse and the recommended temperature. If you are using NIKWAX Down Wash, you can omit the extra rinse cycle. The extra rinse cycle is important for ensuring that no residues are left behind on the product.



Please always close buttons, zippers and Velcro closures before washing. This keeps fibers from catching and the clothing from stretching out during the wash cycle.


Step Three

After the wash cycle, put the down jacket into the dryer with 2 to 3 tennis balls. Dry for 40 – 60 minutes at a low temperature using the gentle cycle.



The tennis balls will restore the loft in your jacket.

If you don’t have a dryer, you can hang your down jacket on a drying rack in the sun. Turn it often and shake it out while it’s drying to distribute the loft evenly. Repeat this procedure until the down jacket is dry.


Step Four: Waterproofing

Hang the jacket up on a clothes hanger, close all zips and spray evenly with the waterproofing spray. This keeps the inside untreated so that moisture can be absorbed and transferred outward.



Please follow the instructions printed on the care product.

Finished! You did it.