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How do I replace a broken segment of my tent pole?


Our tents are constructed to stand up to extreme wind and weather conditions. Nevertheless, segments can occasionally break due to excessive strain or other influences (i.e. not completely connecting two segments when setting up the tent, transportation damage).   These instructions cover the necessary steps for replacing a tent pole segment.

Tools & Replacement Parts Needed

Measuring tape, hacksaw, round file, flat file, scissors, new segment with tapered end.



VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

20 minutes


Step One

Loosen the shock cord between the last good segment and the broken segment so that you can remove the pin from the end.

Attach the shock cord to a clothes pin or similar item.


Step Two

Pull the pin out of the segment.

Step Three

Cut off the knot.

Step Four

Remove the shock cord from the broken segment.


If the broken segment is in the middle of the tent pole, you have to first remove the good segment(s). Take care to keep the pole segments in the same order when reassembling the tent pole, numbering them if necessary.

Step Five

To determine which replacement segment to order, measure the outer diameter of the pole and of the tapered end.


A caliper makes it easier to measure the diameter. If you don’t have one on hand, you can use a normal measuring tape.

Step Six

Transfer the length of the broken segment to the new segment. Start measuring after the tapered end, and mark the length with a marker.



Step Seven

Put the pole segment into a vice and saw it off at the correct length.



Step Eight

File off any sharp ends using the round file on the inside and the flat file for the outer edges.



Step Nine

Rethread the shock cord through the segment. Tie the end of the shock cord to the pin and thread the other end through the pole.


Finsihed! You did it.