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How do I replace a sternum strap on my backpack?


If the sternum strap comes off of its rail or gets lost, it’s easy to replace.

The following instructions will show you one version with a standard sternum strap and another with a sternum strap with a hydration tube attachment.

Replacement Parts Needed

New sternum strap


VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

5 minutes


Version 1: Standard Sternum Strap

Guide the new sternum strap onto the thin end of rail.

Version 2: Sternum Strap with Hydration Tube Attachment

The sternum strap has come off on both sides of the backpack suspension system.

Version 2: Step One

Guide the sternum strap onto the rail at the thin end.


Depending on where you want to attach your hydration tube, thread the sternum strap with the attachment onto the right or left rail.

Version 2: Step Two

Guide the other side of the sternum strap onto the thin end of the rail and position it.

Finished! You did it.