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How do I repair a broken buckle on my backpack? (Buckle types and their applications)


If the hook end (male end) of your buckle is broken, it’s easy to replace. We’ll show you how in just a few easy steps.

Tools Needed

Screwdriver, measuring tape & replacement buckle (Available in the online store and in the repair shop. In this manual we describe how to measure the required belt brand width.)



Time Needed

5 minutes


Tip One:

Only on the first picture:

Left: Hip belt buckle with double web (Dual Adjust)
Right: Hipbelt buckle with double and single adjust.

These buckles are most frequently used on backpacks (for example to close the hip belt).


Tip Two:

1st image:
Left: ladder buckle
Right: belt adjuster

These buckles are used to adjust straps.




Step One

In order to determine the correct buckle size, measure the webbing. The webbing illustrated here is 15 mm, so you would need a 15 mm buckle.

Step Two

Remove the broken buckle from the webbing by first pulling the webbing through the locking strap and then unthreading it from the buckle.


Use a screwdriver or tweezers to help pull the webbing through if necessary.

Finished! You did it.