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How do I replace a QMR Rail Hook on the hardback panel of my bike bag?


A QMR Rail Hook on your hardback panel (attachment hook on the rack) is responsible for the correct positioning of the bike bag on your rack. It can be re-attached or replaced in a few easy steps.

Tools & Replacement Parts Needed

Hex key, flat-blade screwdriver, hook, oval silver thread plate, screw and oval black disc (Please see FAQ “How do I order spare parts)


VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

10 minutes


Step One

If the defective thread plate is still on the rail, it can be removed with the help of a hex key. Use the hex key to push the thread plate into the marked section and push down.


Step Two

Lift the oval rail slightly with the screwdriver and replace the defective thread plate with the new one. Take care that the new oval thread plate is correctly inserted into the the rail.


Step Three

Set the black oval disc on the rail at the level of the silver thread plate.


Step Four

Position the black QMR Rail Hook on the black disc, insert the screw and tighten it using the hex key.

Finished! You did it.