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How do I replace a broken zip slider?


VAUDE uses premium zips from YKK and other brand name manufacturers. Nevertheless, frequent or improper use can cause the slider to become bent or expand so the teeth no longer zip together.

It only takes a few steps to replace the slider – read on to find out how.

Tools and Replacement Parts Needed

Tweezers, wire cutter, new zip slider and zip stop (Please see FAQ “How do I order spare parts)


VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

15 minutes


Step One

Select a replacement slider and zip stop.

Step Two

Remove the zip stop at the end of the zip by prying it open with a wire cutter and pulling it away.

Step Three

Remove the broken slider.

Step Four

Insert the new slider onto the zip and use the wire cutter to press the zip stop into the position where the old stop had been.

Step Five

Pinch the zip stop together with the help of the tweezers.   

Step Six

Remove the zip puller (black) from the slider and thread it onto the new slider.

Finished! You did it.