Protection from UV Radiation

Sunlight provides energy and consists of various components, not all of which are visible to the human eye. Ultraviolet radiation is one of these. UV radiation is a high-energy, electromagnetic radiation that can cause harm to the body in doses that are too high: ranging from sunburn to skin damage to skin cancer. The higher you venture into the mountains, the more you need to take intensive UV exposure into account. This rises with altitude (+10 to 15 % per 1,000 meters altitude) and protection against UV radiation is increasingly important. Therefore many VAUDE bike textiles offer integrated UV protection of varying intensity.

UPF 25

[according to DIN EN 13758-1] A UPF rating of 25 means that a given piece of fabric allows a maximum of 4% (<1/25) of the UV rays that hit it to penetrate through. The UV protection is created by the choice of fibres, weave, material thickness or by inserting a titanium dioxide “protective screen” into the fabric. Titanium dioxide is completely environmentally friendly and has been rated by the EU as harmless.