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How do I find the Declaration of Conformity?

In order to find the Declaration of Conformity for the respective product, you need the article number which is indicated on the hang tag or in the label inside the product. Simply enter this number into the search field and the document will be displayed and you can also download it.

How do I know if the product is a PSA?

All VAUDE products that are PPE according to the PPE Regulation can be identified by the CE mark on the care label.

Which PSA does VAUDE offer??

VAUDE offers various products which are classified as PPE in accordance with the new PPE Regulation and PPE Guidelines.

That includes:

UV protection

VAUDE offers some garments with UV protection. These are T-shirts, shirts and blouses, trousers, caps and caps. These products are marked with a sun symbol indicating the protection factor.

According to the new PSA-VO and the associated PPE guidelines, UV protective clothing is required.
a Category I PSA.

 VAUDE applies the test standard: DIN EN 13758-1:2007 Protection against natural UV radiation.

If you can’t find the manufacturer information for your VAUDE product with UV protection anymore, you can view and download it here.

back protection

VAUDE offers bike backpacks with integrated multi-layer protectors.

This backpack is not a PSA according to the PSA-VO, but since it is supposed to provide protection for mountain bikes, we have this ensured by the TÜV/GS seal for a tested quality.

VAUDE applies the test standard DIN EN 1621-2:2003 Motorcyclists’ protective clothing against mechanical stress.

Carrying children with frame

VAUDE offers several child carriers with frames, these do not count as PSA according to the current PSA-VO. In order to offer the greatest possible safety for the children, VAUDE has the child carriers with frame tested by the TÜV. This can be seen from the TÜV/GS seal on the product.

VAUDE applies the test standard DIN EN 13209_1:2017 for child carriers with frame.