Performance Backpacks

If only the best is good enough for you, then our Performance Backpacks are what you’re looking for. They are built for racing and top performance to meet the high demands of bike experts, whether for road biking or mountain biking.



Our Performance Backpacks feature a sleek design. The focus is on performance and a low weight. Our development teams have concentrated on the essentials, because when it comes to hundredths and seconds, every gram counts.

Minimal Weight


By using extremely lightweight, high-quality materials and paring down all features to the necessities, we’ve reduced the total weight of the VAUDE Performance Backpacks to a minimum.

For our light backpacks we use siliconized material, you can find more information here.

Highest Functionality


Our Performance packs integrate only the most necessary features so that you can fully concentrate on performance. They’re highly functional, offering an optimal fit and maximal ventilation.

Helmet holder


VAUDE bike backpacks come with a helmet holder that is either stored in a small pack sack or integrated into the design of the pack. The different backpack models offer different attachment options.