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The weatherproof jacket for bike shoes

Particularly in the performance sector, for example road cycling and XC mountain biking, great importance is attached to lightness and airy materials. Intensity of movement is usually high, so shoes should not be too warm – but rather a problem in wet and cold weather…

Overshoes are made to protect you from wind and weather while cycling. When you get off your bike, you should also take off the overshoes, otherwise they can easily be damaged. They are not suitable for long walks.

We offer a range of overshoes with different orientations and advantages:



Waterproof overshoes: either a membrane is used or the material is provided with a coating.

Waterproof and warming overshoes: the winter version consists of a combination of waterproof membrane and warming Primaloft® insulation.

Warming overshoes: this is where neoprene is primarily used. Due to its elasticity, it adapts extremely well to the shoe and provides optimum protection against cooling. The outer material is water-repellent but not completely waterproof as is the case with a membrane