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Outdoor backpacks

Mountaineering and Climbing Backpacks

The wild blue yonder, with no limitations. The backpacks in the Mountain category are designed for those who love a physical challenge. They’re perfect for high-elevation adventures, mountaineering or climbing.



Mountaineering and climbing backpacks in our Mountain category are characterized by a low weight, close fit, robust materials and features specific to alpine activities (e.g. ice axe attachment, ski attachment, etc.).

Helmet holder

Some of our climbing backpacks are equipped with a helmet holder. The main compartment can also be accessed freely when the helmet is packed. To fasten your helmet, simply take the helmet holder from the special compartment and fix the helmet in place.

On all models that do not have a helmet holder, you can easily attach your helmet using the compression straps or the attached loops.

Ice axe attachment

In alpine terrain, you usually don’t need your ice tools all the time. A lot of the time, they’ll need to be stowed securely on your pack. VAUDE offers two different options for this:

Some of our climbing backpacks have an ice axe holder with a practical storage compartment for the adze. First, insert the adze into its designated compartment. Then secure the shaft at the top and the bottom with the webbing straps.

Another option is to insert the shaft completely through the loop, turn the axe upside down and then secure the shaft with a strap or velcro.

Adjustable aluminum stays and frames

The better the climbing backpack fits your back, the more comfortable and secure it feels when you’re backcountry. In order to ensure an even more precise fit, VAUDE climbing backpacks with body contact backs have aluminum stays or aluminum frames that can be removed and individually adjusted.

Aluminum frame

The aluminum frame is already anatomically pre-shaped, but each person’s back is slightly different. A small adjustment can make a big difference in terms of wearing comfort and stability.

To adjust the aluminum frame, first loosen it and pull it out of the suspension system. After adjusting it, test the fit with the help of a second person. If the aluminum stays don’t fit your back snugly, you can gently bend them (over your knee or a rounded table edge). When reinserting the aluminum frame, make sure that it’s facing in the correct direction.

Note: the model Rupal Light 28 uses aluminium struts instead of an aluminium frame.

Hydration system compatibility

You need to drink a lot to stay hydrated in high alpine terrain. Therefore all of our climbing backpacks are hydration system compatible. Depending on the backpack model, there are different options for attaching the hydration bladder to the pack and guiding the drinking tube outwards. The compartment is always placed close to your back so the weight of your fluids doesn’t influence your center of gravity.