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Bike backpacks


Material usage is of the utmost importance in our backpacks. We make absolutely sure that we use the right material in the right place to ensure optimum functionality – with guaranteed environmentally friendly manufacturing.


When you’re out biking, you cover a lot of different types of terrain and encounter a lot of different types of weather. You’re bound to get wet and dirty at some point so protecting your gear plays an important role in our product design.

When it comes right down to it, your bike pack has got to protect the things that you’ll urgently need throughout the day, and you’re not going to want to be surprised by wet apparel, food, money or electronics.

The outer material of all VAUDE backpacks is waterproof. Depending on its intended use, the surface is either siliconized or made from PVC-free tarpaulin.

Water and moisture can penetrate the seams of sewn products. However, our products with welded seams are guaranteed waterproof. These include 100 % of all bags and backpacks that we manufacture here in Germany at our company location in Obereisenbach.

Rain Covers

Tip: To protect a sewn backpack and its contents, such as a wallet or phone, from moisture, you can use a rain cover or a waterproof packsack. All VAUDE bike backpacks automatically come with a rain cover.

PVC free

We have completely eliminated the use of hazardous PVC in all VAUDE products because we love nature. This robust, durable and high quality product is made with eco-friendly alternatives featuring absolutely comparable properties.

  • without harmful PVC
  • material is robust and durable
  • environmentally-friendly manufacturing

If you would like to learn more about PVC, check out the info on PVC-free materials in our Sustainability Report.

Eco Finish

This water and stain resistant finish is applied to the outer fabric of your product so that water pearls up and runs right off – without the use of environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFCs). This protects you from the rain and keeps the planet clean. Regular reapplication is necessary for permanent waterproofing and stain resistance.


  • environmentally friendly water repellency and stain resistance
  • optimal protection from rain and moisture
  • no use of environmentally harmful fluorocarbons (PFC) 

At VAUDE we have completely eliminated the use of fluorocarbons in our products. Instead, an impregnation is used that is environmentally friendly, 100 % PFC-free and still allows water and dirt to bead up and roll off. It’s called Eco Finish.

Additional information on impregnation, waterproofing and the use of fluorocarbon-free water-repellent materials can be found in our Sustainability Report.


We have made it our business to constantly reduce our own ecological footprint – to minimize resource consumption and to recycle existing materials. We are increasing the use of recycled materials in our backpacks to help us conserve resources and avoid waste. You can recognize products made of recycled materials by this label:

Additional information on recycling can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Siliconized Materials

We take advantage of internal synergies at VAUDE and work together with the Tent Team to develop new finishes. The result of this collaboration is a very robust, durable yet thin, ultra lightweight material with a silicone coating that is predominantly waterproof. We use it for our lightweight backpacks and bike bags (exception: seams).


When you’re biking, there are different demands made on products and materials. The main focus of bike backpacks is on weather protection and durability, as well as comfort and a perfect fit.

Thread Strength

VAUDE materials meet high standards for both thread diameter (unit: denier) and thread count (unit: T = thread). You can quickly estimate how robust and heavy a material is on the basis of these two key figures. This means, for example, that for a material with the specification “40D polyamide ripstop 240T”, the thread used in the product weighs exactly 40 grams (40 denier) at a length of 9,000 meters and 240 threads per square centimeter are woven in the material. The thicker the thread, the higher the denier value; the higher the number of threads processed (thread count), the more durable the material.


Testing Procedures

As our products need to be able to withstand years of hard use, we test all of the materials that go into making them. This is the only way to guarantee that they’ll stand up to the real life conditions of your outdoor adventures.

Materials and products are extensively tested at our own in-house test laboratory. The Martindale test measures abrasion resistance. A piece of fabric is subjected to intensive friction for several hours in order to simulate the signs of wear of several years in a short time period. We can then see whether the material will continue to function even after years of intensive use.



High quality gear can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your bike tour. VAUDE supports you with products of the highest quality — nothing is left to chance.

Brand Components

Some of these special features are high-quality buckles and fasteners from Duraflex or zips from the market leader YKK. Components from these partners guarantee perfect functionality, even under the most adverse conditions.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Environmental protection and sustainability are vitally important issues for us. At VAUDE, for example, we are increasing our use of renewable raw materials for our products and have been successful in finding new, biobased synthetic materials such as bioplastics. Our production is subject to strict external monitoring.

Further information on bioplastics can be found in our Sustainability Report.