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Laptop Bags & Backpacks

For most jobs, a laptop is pretty much mandatory at work these days. These valuable devices (both monetarily speaking as well as data-wise!) need sufficient protection on the way to work and back. VAUDE laptop bags and backpacks have a lot to offer in terms of design, materials and function.


Laptop bags and backpacks protect your electronics and offer a number of practical features for the 9-5.

Laptop / tablet compartment

VAUDE backpacks and bags offer special storage compartments for notebooks or tablets for models from 10″ to 15.6″. Laptop compartments are padded to provide the best possible protection for your computer. The laptop can be accessed either directly through the main compartment, or through a separate zipper.

Some products have an integrated padded pocket for tablets up to 10″ in size.

You can tell which of our products feature these special compartments with the following icons:

Laptop compartment 13.3”
Suitable for notebooks and laptops up to 33 cm wide x 23 cm deep x 2.5 cm high.

Laptop compartment 15.6”
Suitable for notebooks and laptops up to 38.5 cm wide x 27 cm deep x 2.5 cm high.


Practical organizer systems for writing utensils, keys, a phone or your documents give you a clear overview and easy access to what you need. Nobody likes rummaging around in their bag or backpack to find their phone or keys.

Removable organizer

In some of our VAUDE backpacks you can easily remove the integrated organizer to create more space for other activities.

Rain covers

Important work documents, your wallet or your electronics should always have enough protection. Some of our backpacks and bags are already outfitted with an integrated rain cover, which is stored in a compartment at the bottom, or is enclosed with the product,  so it doesn’t interfere with the look or the bag’s volume. Just open the velcro, pull the rain cover over your backpack or bag and attach it with the elastic strap. Like a good scout, you’ll always be prepared!

Secret Pocket

Some backpacks and shoulder bags also feature a secret zip pocket for valuables where you can safely store your wallet or phone.