With our without insulation, that is the question…

Whether or not you need footwear with extra insulation depends primarily on where you’ll be wearing it and how sensitive you are to the cold. In general, studies have shown that most of your body heat is lost from your extremities such as your hands and feet, when these are left unprotected.


This is especially true for bike shoes, because depending on the stiffness of the sole, your foot moves very little or not at all – which means that at low temperatures cold feet are unfortunately not unusual. Therefore, we recommend choosing a light lining or a warm neoprene shoe cover when riding in colder conditions.

In addition to neoprene shoe covers, there are also variants with waterproof membranes and warming insulation made of synthetic fibres. Primaloft® Black Insulation Eco is used here. The insulation specialists have combined   60 % recycled material with advanced fibre technology to produce a high-performance, environmentally friendly insulation that provides instant warmth without excessive volume.