With or without insulation, that is the question…

Whether or not you need footwear with extra insulation depends primarily on where you’ll be wearing it and how sensitive you are to the cold. In general, studies have shown that most of your body heat is lost from your extremities such as your hands and feet, when these are left unprotected.

So in our children’s footwear, we make sure that our winter models come with an extra warm lining, but we don’t neglect our adults’ shoes either. The winter shoes in the Urban Life Collection also feature synthetic insulation – so you won’t get cold feet at the Christmas market.

We rely exclusively on PrimaLoft® products for our footwear. PrimaLoft® has been one of the leading suppliers of synthetic insulation for many years and provides not only thermal performance at its most advanced level, but also sustainable solutions for footwear needs.

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco

The advantages of synthetic insulation are obvious: water-repellent, breathable, excellent warmth to weight ratio and, of course, outstanding durability – basically just about everything you need to keep your feet warm in winter.

However, the Eco PrimaLoft® versions go one step further and actively contribute to environmental protection – the insulation fibers are made of 55 % post-consumer recycled materials.