Innovations and Features

DUALFLEX soles allow stiffness and optimal power transmission when pedaling and flexibility with the best comfort when walking. The innovative construction becomes stiffer with downward pressure (while pedaling), and more flexible with forward foot roll (while walking).
The DUALFLEX midsole consists of three materials: stiff nylon material from the back of the foot to under the front of the arch, dual flex carbon in the pad and toe area, which is framed by relatively soft TPU material.

Pedal performance
DUALFLEX Sole: ca. 200 % more power to the pedal* than standard sports shoes

* TU Chemnitz study “Shoe flexing performance during cycling”

Walking comfort
DUALFLEX Sole: ca. 60 % more comfortable* than standard cycling shoes

* TU Chemnitz study “Shoe flexing performance during cycling”

Knit footwear?

Some of our footwear features an upper that is actually knit. This material is both hard-wearing and easy-care, but it also provides improved support and optimum comfort for movements like bending your foot. To help you recognize this benefit, we’ve marked our knit upper models with this icon:

Perfect protection and superb stability!

Some of our footwear features a specialized toecap made from robust TPU plastic (biobased) to protect your feet from rocks and stones. A preshaped heel cup is also made from biobased TPU plastic. The heel cup provides optimum foot support that also reduces friction at the heel. You can recognize these models by this icon:

All information on bioplastics can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Velcro Strap

A Velcro strap is integrated at the upper end of the laces and is lined up directly with your heel. This provides additional support and stability to the lacing system. Velcro straps can be found on shoes with this icon:

Perfect Heel Grip

In some of our biking shoes we use special gripper material in the heel. Similar to climbing skins for skis, it is quite smooth on one side and grippy on the other. This improves your heel hold enormously especially when wearing stiff outsoles.

Adjustable Lacing

Some All Mountain shoes are equipped with hooks in the upper part of the laces. This allows you to fine-tune your lacing depending on how tight you want it to be. Opened, the result is a comfortable and wide entrance. This icon marks shoes with hooks:

Boa®Lacing System

Some of our biking shoes use the innovative Boa® lacing system instead of classic lacing. The Boa® system offers closure and adjustment solutions perfectly matched to the respective application – always with a focus on performance.

The Boa System contains three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides.

  • Wearing comfort, all day long: With the twist dial you micro-adjust your individual perfect fit – smoothly, evenly and sensationally comfortably.
  • Simple & fast: No matter under which conditions, Boa allows for fast on and off.
  • Incremental adjustment: instant, single-handed adjustability, absolutely precise – whenever you want to.
  • Reliable fit: Once dialed in, the fit stays that way.

Designed to hold: Manufactured from durable materials and tested under harshest conditions, the Boa is built to withstand the most demanding conditions.