Innovation & Features

Knit footwear?

Some of our footwear features an upper that is actually knit. This material is both hard-wearing and easy-care, but it also provides improved support and optimum comfort for movements like bending down and balancing on your toes. To help you recognize this benefit, we’ve marked our knit upper models with this icon:

Perfect protection and superb stability!

Some of our footwear features a specialized toecap made from robust TPU plastic (biobased) to protect your feet from rocks and stones. A preshaped heel cup is also made from biobased TPU plastic. The heel cup provides optimum foot support that also reduces friction at the heel. You can recognize these models by this icon:

Some of our trekking and hiking footwear has a knit shaft. This seamless sock construction prevents pressure points as the shaft fits your feet snugly – whatever their shape. Depending on the height of the collar, this construction can also keep debris and gravel from getting into your shoes. These models are designated with this icon: