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How to wax a jacket.


Depending on use, it is recommended to wax the jacket once a year. You can easily do this at home. We explain step by step how to do it and what you have to pay attention to.


Tools Needed

Something to protect your surface (such as a garbage bag), damp towel, gloves, wax (we recommend wax from NIKWAX, available from your local dealer in Germany)



Time Needed

Max. 10 minutes (without washing process)


Step one

Please note: Wash your jacket thoroughly before starting. It’s important that the jacket is free of dirt and residues before waxing. In addition, the jacket must be wet for the waxing process. Your towel should also be damp.



Step two

Spread out your surface protection, put on the gloves, shake the wax spray vigorously and spray the jacket thoroughly from both sides.

Note: In this video the jacket was not wet before waxing which is why you’ll see some staining. This is avoidable if you don’t work on a dry surface.

Finished! You did it.