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How to replace the conector of an Aeroflex ventilated suspension system.


A backpack often has to take a lot when you are on the road. Due to frequent use, the conector may break and need to be replaced. Here we show you how to replace a broken conector with a new one and how to get your backpack ready for use again!



Tools Needed

Connector-Aeroflex (Only available from our repair workshop)




Time Needed

About 5 minutes


Step One

Please note: For better visibility in these instructions, we used an Aeroflex frame detached from the backpack. You don’t have to remove the frame of your backpack first!



Step Two

First press the frame into one side of the conector. Note: The wire frame must be on top of the conector.

Important: It must click!




Step Three

Then press the wire frame into the other side.

Important: It must click!


Finished! You did it.