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How to replace a QMR Rail-Hook on a bike bag. (new bike bag)


A QMR Rail Hook on your hardback panel (attachment hook on the rack) is responsible for the correct positioning of the bike bag on your rack. It can be re-attached or replaced in a few easy steps.

Tools Needed

Two flat head screwdrivers, washer, plastic oval plate/threaded plate, wire spring & the new OMR Rail Hook





Time Needed

About 5 minutes


Step One

To remove the broken buckle, you will need a large flat head screwdriver.



Step Two

Disassemble: Unscrew the orange dial and remove the damaged QMR rail hook and wire spring.



Step Three

Pry out the washer using two flat head screwdrivers.



Step Four

Push the new washer in and use the screwdriver to move it into place. Place the threaded oval plate and wire spring directly on top of each other. The hole of the threaded plate must be directly above the hole of the washer. Screw on the new QMR Rail Hook.

Please note: The QMR rail hook must click into place — then you’ll know it is correctly threaded.



Finished! You did it.