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How do I replace a brittle linkage rubber?


Shock cords hold the segments of a tent pole together making tent set up faster. Over the years, the cord can become brittle and break. We’ll show you step by step instructions for removing the old shock cord and replacing it with a new one.

Tools Needed

new rubber rod, pliers, wire, clothespin 2 pieces, pin



Time Needed

30 minutes


Step One

First, check if you really need to replace the cord. The following criteria can be helpful in your decision:

  • cord has lost elasticity
  • rough surfaces
  • damaged areas

Note: There are different pins. The ones we have used in the manual may differ from those of your tent.


Step Two

Put all segments together so that you have one long tent pole.

Step Three

Pull out the end pin on one side and cut off the knot. Then pull the shock cord out completely from the other end of the pole.

If the knot is not yet visible after removing the pin, use a thick, strong wire to push the knot out.


Step Four

Attach the new shock cord to the pin and tie a knot in it.

This way you make a small knot that fits into the linkage.


Step Five

Thread the loose shock cord end through the tent pole.

Step Six

When the shock cord is hanging out of the tent pole with a fair amount of excess, insert the pin back into the pole at the other end.

Step Seven

At the other end, pull the shock cord taught  – with about one arm’s length of tension in the cord.


In order to keep this tension for the next step, hold the shock cord to the pole with your fingers.

Step Eight

Hold the shock cord and tension with the help of a clothes pin.

Step Nine

Now attach the end pin to this side of the shock cord, tie a knot in it, and insert it into the pole.

Done! You made it.