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How do I patch a garment?


Elbows and knees are classic areas of wear on garments. With the right fabric patch, you can hide the damage and make your product look great again. If you don’t have the same color as the garment for your patch, a contrasting color can also create an optical highlight. You can also use the same type of repair for a tear. In this example, we’ll show you how to do it.

Tools Needed

Scissors, sewing machine, thread, tailor’s chalk, ruler and patch



VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

30 minutes


Step One

Using a piece of tailor’s chalk, outline the size of the patch you’ll need to fully cover the area.



In order to ensure that the patch looks good and fits the garment, take note of any seams or design elements you can use to design your patch.


Step Two

Transfer the size and shape of the patch to an appropriate piece of fabric for the patch.



Add 1 cm for a seam allowance along the entire patch.


Step Three

Cut along the outer line of the patch.


Step Four

Fold over the seam allowance on the patch and iron it down – this will help with sewing the patch on.


Step Five

Lay the patch on the marked line and top stitch it to the fabric close to the edge of the patch.



You can use pins to attach the patch to the jacket so it won’t slide around while you’re sewing it on.


Step Six

Use a top stitch to sew around the patch, locking off the first and last stitches by stitching back and forth a few times.


Step Seven

Cut away the torn area inside the jacket along the new seam.

Finished! You did it.