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How do I darn a hole in my knit sweater?


A hole in a knit garment can easily be closed with a needle and thread. All you need is some thread in a matching color so that the repair will be as inconspicuous as possible when you’re finished.

Tools Needed

Scissors, yarn, needle and thimble.



VAUDE Repair Team





Time Needed

20 minutes


Step One

Cut a length of thread about 40 cm long.


Step Two

Insert one end of the thread through the eye of the needle.


Step Three

Turn the sweater inside out. Insert the needle through the garment at your starting point at the top of the hole. Pull the thread through until only about 5 cm of thread is overlapping. Before inserting the thread on the other side of the hole, pick up any open stitches so that no other stitches come loose.




Cut away any overlapping threads from the hole so that the loose stitches are more visible.



Step Four

Continue to pick up any stitches that still exist. Repeat this procedure as long as it takes to pick up all stitches around the hole.




Step Five

Then stitch across a row of stitches weaving in and out of the stitches you just made.



Step Six

When the hole is closed sufficiently, you can tie off your thread. To do this, insert the needle several times through the same point in your fabric. Then cut off the thread.


Finished! You did it.