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Flat Pedal

What are flat pedal shoes and do I really need them?

Maybe you’ve encountered the term “flat pedals” or “bear paws” before, but you just couldn’t relate the terms to cycling!

For some years now, “flat pedals” have been making their way into Europe as a trend from the USA. Basically, instead of the familiar clipless pedals that lock onto the shoe, flat and wide pedals with studs, so-called pins, are now often used instead.

Of course, the shoe is then no longer firmly attached to the pedal – this has both advantages and disadvantages:


  • Greater feel for the pedal due to softer soles
  • Foot position can be adjusted at any time
  • Dismounting your bike is always faster and easier (especially in case of falls)
  • Trains and promotes body tension of the rider in connection with their bike
  • Flexible soles are more comfortable to walk in


  • Reduced power transfer due to softer soles
  • Pulling phase can no longer be used to transfer power to the pedal

Flat pedals are used almost exclusively in the All Mountain and Enduro sector when, for example, terrain becomes more difficult, you need to carry your bike over parts of the trail, and skilled riding is really necessary. But flat pedal soles are also becoming increasingly popular for cycling trips, in the city or for commuting.

With the Vibram® Vert Sole we offer you a sophisticated flat pedal sole in our Moab shoe models. The sole is divided into a climbing section (toe and heel) and a pedal section (foot pad). The climbing section provides a grippy traction when your foot is off the pedal or you’re carrying your bike. The pedal section is less lugged and made with a softer rubber compound for better stick. This provides a perfect grip on the pedal and allows for repositioning your foot as desired.


  • Deeper tread in the toe and heel area for perfect support when carrying or pushing your bike.
  • The soft SUPtraction Flat rubber compound ensures perfect grip on the pedal.
  • The hexagon lugs in the pedal area act like barbs, wedging themselves into the ground when walking and providing good traction on diffi cult passages as well.
  • Lightweight EVA midsole with shock absorbing heel element provides maximum comfort, even in rough terrain.


  • Flex grooves ensure optimal roll-through while walking
  • Profiled outsole for perfect grip when cycling and walking
  • Rubber outsole made of 20 % recycled material
  • Lightweight, shock absorbing EVA midsole