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Sleeping Bags

Features & Functionality

VAUDE sleeping bags offer a host of useful features and functions to ensure optimum comfort and performance that will help guarantee your next trip to be an unforgettable experience.

Fitted Hood

The human body loses about 30 % of its heat through the head. The hood on a sleeping bag has the task of minimizing this loss of heat at night. This part of the sleeping bag is anatomically shaped to provide optimal insulation in the head area.


With the help of a drawcord you can easily adjust the hood of the sleeping bag to your needs. Upper and lower parts of the hood are individually adjustable. Particularly practical is the different thicknesses of the cords, which makes them easy to distinguish even in the dark.

Thermal Collar

Our sleeping bags have a thermal collar inside, which ensures that the heat loss from the inside of the sleeping bag is minimized. The thickness of this thermal collar varies depending on the temperature range that the bag is designed for. A good fit for your head is especially important. Snap closures reduce the chances of claustrophobia and allow a quick exit from the bag.

Easy Exit Zipper

With the new Easy Exit Zipper it‘s easy to get out of your bag. Fold the zipper‘s pull tab upward to unlock it and you can easily open the entire zipper just by pulling apart sides of the bag above the zipper. Unlike opening a conventional sleeping bag using the pull tab and holding the fabric away from the slider, this construction automatically moves the fabric out of the way as you unzip it so it can‘t get caught in the zipper teeth.

The Easy Exit Zipper is used in the following models: Rotstein, Seealp, Selun, Meglis, Hochgrat

Arm Openings

Some VAUDE models – such as Säntis, Gamplüt and Kobel – have two practical side arm openings. This makes it easy to cook or read in your sleeping bag during a multi-day tour or at a campground.

Stretch Zone

The Meglis model has a special stretch construction that gives the sleeping bags about 25-30% more freedom of movement in all directions and always keeps you warm. This offers increased comfort – e.g. for “active sleepers” who often turn around during the night. It also makes it possible to sit cross-legged. The Meglis lies directly against the body and warms up faster because less air needs to be warmed up.


Mummy sleeping bags have a foot box thatis precisely adapted to the space needs of your feet. The volume in this area is reduced, so less air needs to be warmed up and heat efficiency is increased.

Length Adjustment

With some VAUDE sleeping bags there is the possibility to adjust the length of the sleeping bag continuously. You can therefore determine the length of these sleeping bags yourself at any time and the sleeping bag can thus also be used optimally by others – e.g. family members. For example, all our children’s sleeping bags offer the possibility to adjust the length. The foot box can be shortened or lengthened by 25-35 cm (depending on the model) using a zipper. Smaller children thus need to heat up less total volume in the sleeping bag.

Inner Pockets

Some of our sleeping bag models have a practical inside pocket. For most people this is approximately at chest height on the inside of the sleeping bag. It’s made of a soft lining material so you won’t be bothered by seams or hard materials. You can store valuables or small items easily and safely in the pocket.

Safety Pocket

  • It features a safety pocket at the bottom of the bag, parallel to the
    footbox for your valuables so they‘ll be out of the way and safe while you sleep.
  • Easy access thanks to a zip at the foot section while keeping your valuables safe from anyone rummaging around

Storage Sack

A storage bag is suitable for storing your sleeping bag. This is supplied in addition to the compression stuff sack of certain VAUDE down sleeping bags. It is larger than a stuff sack and is made of a lightweight, breathable material. We go for cotton, as mesh material runs the risk of dust or dirt getting trapped. The sleeping bag can be compressed to this size without compromising the bulkiness of the down filling or the insulating material. Thus, the pack size is also ideal for storage of the sleeping bag.

Connecting Bags

Some models such as the Oberegg 700 SYN, the Seealp 300 DWN, Seealp 500 DWN as well as the Sioux series can be coupled with their respective counterpart, i.e. two sleeping bags can be easily combined with each other.

In addition, compatible zippers make it easy to pair our VAUDE blanket sleeping bags with each other without compromising comfort on the sleeping surface. Another advantage is that each has its separate “entrance and exit”.

And: for different temperature requirements, you can even combine sleeping bags with different down filling or synthetic fiber filling – whether for cold or warm conditions. This way, every sleeper has his or her own heat balance.

VAUDE Blankets – Know-How

Duvet Cover Compatibility

Some sleeping bags from the Navajo and Kamor series can be easily converted into a blanket, and have a size of 155 cm x 220 cm when open. They’re compatible with standard “comfort sized” duvet covers (oversize).


A drawcord at the top creates a three-dimensional hood that’s ideal for cold nighttime temperatures.

Arm openings

Snaps allow the top to be converted into arm openings, so the upper body stays warm while leaving your arms free. To have even more freedom of movement, you can unzip the bottom to let your feet breathe.

Use for tall people

The length of our Vaude blanket/sleeping bags is adjustable making them perfect for taller people. People up to a height of 185 cm can open the zips about 30 cm, fold over the top and fasten it back with snaps creating a soft, cozy space for your head, which offers protection from questionable mattresses or the floor. You also have the option to use the sleeping bag with the zippers closed which makes it suitable for people up to a height of 200 cm. In this case you‘ll need an extra pillow for your head that‘s outside of the bag and even people taller than 2 meters can sleep as comfortably as at home.