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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Backbags

Can I return my product for repair?

The best way is to bring your damaged product washed or cleaned to a specialist retailer. They will then send the product with a description of the complaint to our product service.

Can I put my backpack in the washing machine?

No, the mechanical abrasion from the drum would damage the backpack.

The zipper on my backpack is hard to open and close.

You can try to clean the zipper carefully with a toothbrush or some silicone oil.

The zipper on my backpack is broken.

If the product is still within the legal warranty period (two years), you can complain it to your seller / specialist dealer.
However, we also repair after the warranty period has expired in our repair workshop. Please inform yourself about the procedure here 

The buckle on my backpack is broken, lost or defective.

Within the warranty period you can order a new buckle free of charge from your dealer. Outside the warranty period you can of course also order spare parts, but these are then liable to pay the costs.

How do I replace a broken buckle on my backpack?

The back plate on my backpack is broken.

On some models the back plate can be changed. Ask your dealer for more information.

My backpack has a crack/hole. Can I fix it myself?

Attention, if you sew the crack/hole yourself, it may not be waterproof afterwards. Therefore we recommend to buy our Repair-Set.

How can I reattach/replace my chest strap?

The chest strap can be unthreaded and re-threaded at the lower end of the shoulder strap. This gives you the possibility to change the chest strap.

How do I replace a sternum strap on my backpack?

What can I do if the weld is damaged?

Contact your dealer to assess the damage and, if necessary, have the bag sent in.

Is there a suitable rain cover for every backpack model?

Rain covers are available in different sizes. When making your choice, make sure you choose the size that is just above the size of your backpack.
There are also matching cases for bike bags.

How long can my backpack withstand rain?

The materials of the backpack are mostly waterproof, but the seams are not taped. Therefore a rain cover should always be used.

How do I clean my backpack?

Stains and dirt are best removed with a damp sponge and a mild soap. The rucksack can then be impregnated again.