Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Bike Bags

Can I return my product for repair?

The best way is to bring your damaged product washed or cleaned to a specialist retailer. They will then send the product with a complaint description to our product service.

My QMR hook and/or shark tooth is broken.

You can order VAUDE spare parts from your dealer or here .

How do I replace a QMR Rail Hook on the hardback panel of my bike bag?

On which luggage racks can VAUDE bags be mounted?

This depends primarily on the bag’s mounting system.
VAUDE offers bags with different fastening systems.

Bags that are attached to the side of the carrier
QMR 2.0:
Bags with this fastening system can be mounted on all common luggage racks with a tube diameter of 8 to 16 mm thanks to the supplied reducers. The QMR 2.0. system does not fit on carriers with an oval (rectangular or triangular) tube cross-section. The hooks of the QMR 2.0 system can be replaced by the so-called Step Adjust hooks for attachment to luggage racks with oval tube cross-sections. These are available separately here.

Step Adjust:
Bags with this fastening system can be attached to luggage racks with a tube diameter of 8 – 20 mm. The Step Adjust System is also suitable for oval tube cross-sections.

Bags to be attached to the top of the carrier
Velcro fastener:
Bags supplied with Velcro fastener mounted fit on carrier tubes with width 10 to 16 cm and round tube diameter 8 to 20 mm.

Bags that are supplied with a Snap-it adapter mounted have the advantage that they can be detached from the carrier with a simple operating lever. However, they are only compatible with Racktime racks.

Bags that are supplied with an i-Rack adapter mounted have the advantage that they can be easily detached from the carrier. However, they are only compatible with Carrymore racks.

Bags that are supplied with a Rixen and Kaul UniKlip adapter mounted can be combined with the following carrier dimensions:
– Luggage carrier width 9-16 cm
– Tube diameter luggage carrier 8-16 mm

How much weight can I put in my pannier?

Depending on the system, you can load your VAUDE wheel bag with different weights:

Fastening System Maximum Load
Hardback 12,5 kg
Softback 10 kg
Plug and Ride 7,5 kg
QMR 2.0 12,5 kg
SMR 12,5 kg
Step Adjust 15 kg
Snap – It 12 kg
MIK 10 kg
UniKlip 10 kg
i-Rack 10 kg
Contour Adapter 2 kg
Contour Max Adapter 3 kg
Twist Adapter 1 kg

In addition, the limits for the maximum payload of the rack manufacturers must be observed.

What happens to the shoulder strap during the ride?

We have put together the various carrying and assembly variants of our bike bags for you here.

How can bike bags be secured against "theft" / removal?

All bags with the QMR 2.0 back can be locked via a small lock (e.g. Abus 145/20) on the carrier. More Information here.

Can bike bags damage my bike/carrier?

Bicycle bags that are transported by bicycle can leave traces of use. In the case of panniers that cannot be mounted 100 % vibration-free, dirt can get between the fastening and the frame, which can cause (friction) in the long run and thus affect (the paint) the paint on the frame. To prevent this, a protective film is applied to the frame beforehand.

Can side carrier bags (e.g. Aqua Back) be mounted together with a bag that belongs on the carrier (e.g. Silkroad)?

Here it is crucial to take a closer look at the carrier. If the luggage carrier has lowered crossbars on the side, as is usual with luggage carriers, then the use of both bags is possible. If the carrier has only one crossbar at the top, this is only possible in exceptional cases and must be tested with the respective bags.