Enduro Backpacks

Freedom and adrenaline — that’s what Enduro mountain biking is all about. For high-speed, challenging descents, your gear has to provide the right protection. Our Enduro backpacks have integrated protectors for crash protection.



When aiming high and going full-speed downhill, during lung-burning climbs and exhilarating descents at breathtaking speeds – you’ve got to be able to rely on your gear. In addition to back protectors, enduro packs offer all kinds of useful features to get you ready for what awaits you.



On difficult terrain and fast descents, a protector is a safeguard in the moment of impact after a fall. At the same time, it shouldn’t restrict your freedom of movement. ORTEMA is an absolute specialist in this field and provides the multi-impact protectors for our Enduro backpacks. These protectors can take an impact and then return to their original form so they don’t need to be replaced. All of our protectors are TÜV/GS certified and meet highest quality standards.

Tool Compartment / Bike Pump Compartment


Some VAUDE bike backpacks feature an extra tool compartment at the front for fast and easy access to your most important items. An additional loop will also secure even larger bike pumps.

Rain Covers


All VAUDE bike backpacks come with a rain cover. Whenever the need arises, just pull the cover over your pack to protect your gear from dirt and rain.

In addition, there are small recesses in the lower part, where the hip fins can be looped through and the rain cover fits perfectly and securely on the packsack.

Each rain cover is additionally equipped with a strap for flashing lights. This keeps you visible even in bad weather.

Helmet holder and protector attachment


VAUDE Enduro Backpacks come with a helmet holder and protector attachment that is either stored in a small pack sack or integrated into the design of the pack. The different backpack models offer different attachment options.


Protektor backpack Moab Pro


All Information about Protektor backpack Moab Pro.